Colors of the Wind

IMG_20160116_143111BY FLORENCE B.

As this year comes to a close, even at 75 I take the time to make New Year resolutions throughout as a time to examine the past year and gaze into the colorful possibilities and hopes of 2016.

My self reflection led me into a project of creating a physical reminder of those that celebrate their faith. This wind chime was made for a member of my church to give thanks to the service they provide to the community. I hand cut each piece in my home studio and placed them ever so carefully to fuse them in a kiln using left over glass pieces from previous products. Much like coming up with New Years resolutions those small broken pieces can be used to create something new and unique, much like you!


Joyful day to be Cancer Free


This stained glass wind chime, dancing and whirling in every little breeze that happens to pass by, proclaims the joy of being cancer free. I designed and made it for my  dear friends, Patti and Wally. Wally  conquered leukemia with a bone marrow transplant and Patti overcame thyroid cancer with surgery. Their faith and patient endurance is awesome.

The free form blue lettering fused to white glass symbolizes the light of faith which they never lost sight of during their cancer treatment and the various shades of blue rays surrounding the white symbolize the  difficult and sometimes dark days that had to be endured and overcome. The glass chimes dancing  and tingling sweetly in the breezes sing of the blessing they have been to their family and all their friends and the JOY we all feel now that they are CANCER FREE.

Patti and Wally traveled this journey together, always demonstrating faith and trust in Our Lord Jesus Christ. They are truly a blessing to all who know them.




A Glimpse into a Journey


This page was designed for my grandmother Florence “Flo” Bordelon to express and showcase her self-taught artwork pieces made from glass. I believe her art to be a form of story-telling. To communicate a new perspective, emotion, or purpose in her work. This product of her self-expression is with hopes to help motivate others to find their passion and perfect it because there will always be someone else out there who feels they cannot express it themselves if they aren’t good at it.


Much like practice makes perfect, the true meaning behind “trial and error” is the epitome of Florence’s creations ranging from fused glass, stained glass and mosaics. Her art pieces take little things that are broken and transformed into something new.

So welcome to Clear Expressions! We hope that you enjoy taking a glimpse into Florence Bordelon’s journey.